Mayor’s column: Team approach will deliver pledges

Mansfield Mayoral election, held at John Fretwell Sporting complex. NMAC 8-5-15 Mayor, Celebration from new Mayor Kate Allsop (20 & 21
Mansfield Mayoral election, held at John Fretwell Sporting complex. NMAC 8-5-15 Mayor, Celebration from new Mayor Kate Allsop (20 & 21

The elections held on Thursday May 7th once again demonstrated that voters in Mansfield wanted an independent directly-elected executive mayor to lead the district.

Since the first mayoral election in October 2002, voters have opted for an Independent mayor at all four elections.

Not a ceremonialmayor as in most cities and towns across the UK, but an executive mayor with real authority.

I am thrilled that you have given me this opportunity to make real change and move the Ddstrict forward.

I am delighted to be the first female executive mayor in the district, joining 15 other cities and towns where voters have the opportunity of changing their first citizen every four years.

Directly-elected mayors are likely to become more evident under the new government’s proposals.

Here in Mansfield, the result of the mayoral election was significant with more first-choice votes cast for me and also more second-choice votes, giving me a majority of 2880, more than any previous mayoral election.

I have followed mayor Egginton’s lead and invited every elected councillor to put themselves forward for consideration to be on my cross-party cabinet. Sadly, the Labour Party has once again declined to serve on the cabinet.

All Labour candidates had to sign an ‘agreement that they would not go on the cabinet unless the mayor was Labour.”’

Nevertheless, with Labour now having a narrow and much-reduced majority (it has 19 of 36 councillors) compared to the last four years, I will be looking to work with all elected councillors who want to unite to see our district move forward.

I have appointed an experienced UKIP councillor to my cabinet along with several experienced people who will work hard to serve our district well.

I will be bringing a TEAM approach to running our council - Together Everyone Achieves More will be my guiding principle with all councillors, directors, management and staff as we bring in policies that the 
majority of voters have supported.

As mayor I will be leading the drive to improve our council’s efficiency and deliver my election manifesto, which can be summarised as: no increase in council tax; more jobs; common sense, not party-political dogma; 391 new, affordable homes; Improved recycling; FREEhalf-hour car parking; no mayoral or councillor expenses and a more efficient council.

When 22,600 voters placed their trust in me three weeks ago, I immediately began the process of turning my manifesto pledges into concrete policies that I, and they, believe will benefit everyone across the district by continuing to develop a dis
trict where everyone can succeed.

Working with everyone at the council, I will make sure that those votes will really count.