Make sure the right choices are made

As an elected county councillor it is my duty to vote in the council chamber on issues that affect the lives and futures not just of people who voted for me but all the residents of the whole county.

Wednesday, 26th February 2014, 8:41 am

It must be said that whoever was in administration at County Hall at the moment they would face the same challenge to set a budget with the financial constraints imposed by central government with the cuts in grants.

I have studied the budget set by the Labour administration which has taken this into consideration and many hard choices, not all of them popular have had to be made.

However, I have also studied an alternative budget proposed by the opposition which I have to say puts forward a viable budget which keeps in place more front line services to youth, the elderly and those most vulnerable, by putting more emphasis on restructuring upper management to achieve the savings needed.

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Their proposal also puts a cap on your council tax and will cost twelve million pounds less than the Labour administration’s plan.

As an independent councillor I will be making the common sense choice when I vote and I would urge any voter to lobby your councillor to ensure they make the right choice for you.

Councillor Andy Sissons

Mansfield South Division