Letter: The whole Brexit situation is just like a fairy tale

So, Mike Lawton (letters, July 27) believes ‘it is time disgruntled remain supporters accepted that majority vote and did their best to make Brexit work, rather than wanting it to fail’.

Whether remain supporters want Brexit to fail or not is immaterial, because it is failing anyway, under a government which promised to ‘Get Brexit Done’ and promised a myriad of benefits from Brexit, none of which have occurred and all of which turned out to be fantastical fairy tales.

That is what happens when you buy into the deluded view that our prosperity and interests would be enhanced by leaving, rather than remaining in the largest free trade area in the world.

This Government wanted Brexit and brought it about, and so it had the primary responsibility to make it work. They chose the hardest and most damaging Brexit possible.

"Whether remain supporters want Brexit to fail or not is immaterial, because it is failing anyway", says one reader this week.

The UK was the second largest economy and a key influential member of the EU – now we are not in any economic bloc at all, in contrast to many other countries around the world, which are aggregating into regional economic groups as the most practical way of enhancing their economies and addressing the major problems of the 21st century.

Yes, other countries in Europe have had similar problems in their airports due to labour shortages and supply chain issues due to the pandemic and now the war in Ukraine. We are the only one to have deliberately exacerbated our problems through the economic hit from Brexit.

The only way Brexit could work would be by reversing it, or at least rejoining the Single Market (like Norway, which is not in the EU), or the Customs Union (like Turkey, also not in the EU).

Anything else would be damage limitation.

Mr Lawton thinks those of us who supported remaining in the EU should ‘grow up’, as if the ‘grown ups’ have done a competent job of the policy they willed.

The thing about growing up is that, at some point, it involves realising fairy tales aren’t true and learning from mistakes, rather than continuing with them.

Jay Mandal


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