Destroying tranquillity

Regarding Westerman Homes’ intended destruction of the Kirkby Cross area, I have just been in my garden listening to the lovely sound of silence, and watching the lovely wildlife

Friday, 7th February 2014, 2:43 pm
Readers' Letters

I would appreciate it if you could get the chief planning officer to call round at any time convenient to them (preferably with a decibel meter) so they can see first hand the proposed road/new town development would impact on my property.

My property has now become worthless and unsaleable due to these proposals and whilst this may be of no concern to the developer it constituents a lifetime of work and going without on my behalf to own something I thought would be worthwhile.

At present we enjoy the company of bats and owls at night and numerous birds/squirrels etc during the day.

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The new road itself will not serve any purpose other than to generate extra traffic (1800 homes will give approx 3600 more cars alone) as the majority of traffic which uses Sutton road is actually going to Sutton or Mansfield, none of this will be alleviated by the planned new access to the new town of Mowlands.

I would suspect it will actually encourage lorries to use the route and clog up the existing roads.

This new road will also pass within feet of my presently secluded bungalow causing noise and danger to life and property, as well as requiring the need of demolition of buildings one at least which contains asbestos, stone walls and a monument in a listed conservation area.

On the plans it says they will erect an accoustic 2.4m fence outside my window. Will this keep cars and lorries from crashing through my living room?

The building of 1800 new homes on the site would also generate about 3600 new children requiring school places at both infant/junior and senior level.

Since Ashfields school which serves this area is already at overcapacity, it will require 3600 pupils already attending to move out of the school to allow new ones in? Or for the new ones to travel to another school out of the area (causes yet more traffic)

The proposed development is on Green belt land/farmland which we are already short of in this small country of ours.

There are numerous empty houses/Brownfield sites in the area which can more than cope with the housing the Government mistakenly thinks it needs. Some of these sites would be ideally situated for using the train cutting down on traffic pollution using an infrastructure that is already in place

The development will certainly impact in a bad way on the neighbourhood both visually and character wise.

The area at the moment is populated by Bungalows which cannot be overlooked, The proposed development would destroy this totally

Nicholas Heath