LETTER: Why should ex-pats be punished?

If we need any evidence on how Brexit has divided the nation to reveal a seething underbelly of spitefulness, then in my view it is revealed in the letter from Granville Stone (Chad, September 14).

Thursday, 22nd September 2016, 6:30 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 1:54 pm
Britain has decided

He tells us he is “fed up” with reading about “those who have retired into the sunshine complaining from their pool-side sunloungers about the referendum result”.

Apart from recommending he changes his reading habits, one might ask why the umbrage? 
What did those people he finds so odious do, to give such offence?

They did this long before any talk of a referendum; under EU regulations British people, like their continental counterparts, held the official status of Citizens of Europe. 
They looked at their sunset years and decided they’d take advantage of that status and enjoy their swan song in a nicer climate.

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Now Mr Stone has everything he ever dreamed of; he’s been wrenched from beneath “the Brussels/Paris/Berlin yoke” yet still he’s not happy. 
UKIP, the party which now exists with an empty manifesto, taught 52 per cent of Britain that it was okay to dislike “foreigners” and that with our borders secured the UK would soon become the Utopia some believe it once was in the 1930s.

Perhaps it’s now time to adapt that overspill of xenophobia and transfer it to those innocent British folk who had the sheer gall to find something in the EU regulations which gave them comfort.

They must be denigrated, and under no circumstances get their greedy ex-pat hands on any of that £350 million per week of EU contributions which will now go to the NHS...

Roy Bainton

(Ex-Citizen of Europe)

West Hill Avenue, Mansfield