LETTER: There are now desolate areas of town

May I, through the columns of the Chad, express my thoughts on Mansfield from 1974 until 1996.

I was a bus driver in Mansfield. I can remember Mansfield was proud to be called a market town with stalls along West Gate and Stockwell Gate with plenty of shoppers using the said streets.
Sadly I pose the question, what has happened?

We now have areas of Mansfield that have become desolate i.e. West Gate, Church Street, Rosemary Street along with such wonderful shops such as British Home Stores, Woolworths, Marks & Spencer which were always busy. So why has Mansfield got places like Quaker Way, with bus stops that are not used? Yet parking in Mansfield at busy periods is difficult for people shopping in the town centre, surely these bays could be used. Walkways exist from this location to the town centre which would be a great help to many people, especially older people and visitors to our town.

John Wilson

Saundby Avenue, Mansfield