LETTER: Staff at King's Mill saved my life

This is to me the most important letter I have ever written and it means so much to me.'¨On Wednesday, September 7, I was rushed into King's Mill Hospital, Sutton, with very serious internal bleeding problems.'¨After being seen, I was transferred to ward 22 to be cared for. '¨For the next eight days, all the staff, or should I say family, saved my life.

Kings Mill Hospital.
Kings Mill Hospital.

The warmth I felt towards me will never be forgotten.
Under great pressure, all staff, regardless of tasks and too many to name, were like my own family.
Instead of trusts finding faults, they should be inviting people from all over the world, to come and see how care and love is done. Perhaps the world could take these values and find out what the human race should be about.

Robert Godney

Peveril Road, Tibshelf.