LETTER: MP, please take part in debate on public pay

Since 2010, public servants '“ healthcare assistants, school caretakers, care workers and countless others '“ have seen the value of their pay fall year after year.

While the cost of living has soared, public sector wages have barely risen. That means the people we rely on to educate our children, keep our communities safe and care for our loved ones are being pushed closer and closer to breaking point.

The squeeze on pay is also making life tough for schools, hospitals, local councils and police forces as they struggle to hold onto experienced staff and attract new recruits. The impact on services is something we should all be concerned about.

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In the recent Budget, the Chancellor had an opportunity to turn things around and pay our public service champions the wages they need, deserve and have earned, but he failed to

do this.

UNISON is calling for the government to put pay up now, and has secured a Parliamentary debate on public sector pay on December 4.

We’re urging Mansfield MP Ben Bradley to attend, stand up for our community and the people who work so hard to serve us, and put pressure on the government to reverse its damaging and unfair pay policy.

Helen Black

Regional secretary, UNISON