LETTER: Hope Bellamy Road regeneration will become a reality

I felt compelled to reply to a letter by David Cooke in the Chad of October 26.

Thursday, 3rd November 2016, 4:30 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 4:23 pm
Boarded up property on Old Newark Road, Bellamy Road estate, Mansfield.

Like Mr Cooke I lived onBellamy from 1981 for 16 years and remember the facilities that were in place.

Unfortunately the Courtland Club like many others could not compete with cheap alcohol from supermarkets. That, plus the smoking ban, meant it had to close due to lack of revenue. The closure of the club had a knock-on effect for the chip shop, reducing the number of customers, making the business unviable, leading to its closure.

All the other shops, with the exception of the grocery shop, closed because of a lack of customers. This led to the owners being unable to generate a living income. I think that the old adage applies here, if we don’t use it we can lose it.

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He mentions the plans to regenerate the estate. These plans are still active but the council has faced problems not of their making.

The Bellamy action plan was sent out for public consultation in 2007 with every intention of driving this forward as soon as possible.

Things appeared to be moving well when 45 council houses were completed in 2011/2012.

Unfortunately, around this time, the country was hit with the biggest banking crisis in history and since then austerity measures implemented by the Conservative government mean that councils have had grants cut year on year.

These problems have had a knock-on effect with developers not wanting to build until the marketplace improved. In an effort to combat this Mansfield District Council has formed its own building company and I am hoping that the Bellamy Road regeneration will soon become a reality.

Referring to the car park at the rear of Claverton Court, I am aware that our officers are investigating what work is needed to cure the many issues on this car park.

I would be only too pleased to meet Mr Cooke or any other resident who wants to discuss any issues they may have regarding Bellamy Road.

My direct number is 01623 467862. If you prefer I am in Tuxford Court on Saturdays from 10am to 12am.

Coun John Smart

Ransom Wood Ward.