LETTER: Harsher punishments needed for drivers who use phones behind the wheel

I am writing in reference to Ashley Booker's column in the Chad about users of mobile phones whilst driving.'¨I totally agree with his comments with the exception of the punishments being levied now upon anyone caught committing this offence.'¨The person he highlighted that was caught no less than eight times using his phone while driving proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the punishment is far too inadequate to deter anyone else doing the same.'¨A £200 fine and six points on their licence, wow, what a hardship that is going to place upon said offender. '¨Yes okay, they might eventually lose their licence and maybe their job, but what about the fact that if they had caused an accident because of this action and caused injuries, is this a strong enough deterrent? '¨I doubt it very much.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 30th September 2016, 4:35 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 2:07 pm
The RAC is calling for an awareness campaign to highlight the dangers of using mobile phones at the wheel.
The RAC is calling for an awareness campaign to highlight the dangers of using mobile phones at the wheel.

You will still get the offenders thumbing their noses at the punishment they would get if caught.
I would suggest, and I believe the “do-gooders” will argue against it, that their mobile phones, some of which are very expensive items, were confiscated and also their vehicle.
These two items could then maybe be sold at an auction to help pay for costs incurred by any injured parties or as an addition to their fines along with a jail term showing the severity of the offence – and not a jail term that is cut in half before they even get to prison.
Anyone who causes injury or, heaven forbid, death by driving and using a mobile phone, could be classed as dangerous driving as you are not in complete control of your vehicle, and deserves the very worst punishment.

The victims and their families have to live with the consequences of the irresponsible actions of these people who believe “it can’t happen to me”. Then after the very lenient penalties imposed upon the offenders, they are free to re-offend as many of them do.
Thanks for the opportunity to air my views along with Mr Booker.

I have many other views about different subjects that are dear to my heart, but no one wants to know. This is the modern society we lived in today, no one it seems, cares.

Harry MC Hall

Ravensdale Avenue,