LETTER: Fight austerity or stand aside

I would agree with Ricky-Lee Cooke (Chad letters, November 30) that Mansfield needs investment in housing and decent jobs.

There is a solution to the funding crisis Mansfield and other councils face – do not make cuts, or raise council tax, at all.

It is perfectly possible to create budgets while using reserves and responsible borrowing powers to cover the costs of the services and jobs people need and deserve.

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Meanwhile, a nationwide campaign should be built to rid us of the austerity that has needlessly blighted the lives of ordinary people, particularly those least able to fight back.

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Let’s all work together in the interests of Mansfield

And if you think what I have said is “pie in the sky”, remember the “Paradise Papers”, showing how the rich evade and avoid the taxes that could properly fund our public services.

Austerity is an absolute lie in my view and the ideological choice of the coalition government and now the Tories.

If councillors aren’t prepared to fight against it, they should stand aside for those who will.

Karen Seymour

Mansfield Socialist Party

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