LETTER: Can I just dump bulky items on the street? Others seem to.

On my walk today, what did I see?

Goldsmith Street: one fridge, one freezer, one washer, and a large cardboard box.

Layton Avenue: one chair, one suitcase.

Herbert Street: three mattresses, one settee and various bits and bobs.

Garage Lane between Bancroft and Layton Avenue: well this is a free for all which the council cleans up on a regular basis.

Rosemary Street: one fridge freezer.

I have a question for the council, instead of me paying to have my bulk items collected, can I open my door and chuck it all on the street? After all I do pay my council tax.

It seems to me that the council collects these items free, no questions asked.

Marrianne Humphries

By email

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