KEITH BROWN BLOG: “Well paid jobs with little satisfaction are nothing more than time bandits leading to unfulfilled dreams”

Keith Brown
Keith Brown

HOW often do we hear people complain about their jobs, how mundane and boring they are and if they could only do something else?

Our lives are short, far too short to be doing things that give us little satisfaction and leave us feeling unfulfilled.

Yes there are times when we just have to do something that is in front of us because we simply need the money.

Such times should only be stepping stones to the next chapter of our lives, we may need to get some more education, lower, get rid of or restructure some debt, that will help free us up financially so that we have more options.

When our income barely meets our outgoings there is little room for manoeuvre, we have few options and we become subject to the ‘time bandits of unfulfilled dreams’.

All hope is not lost we can still do some restructuring and achieve our goals, they might just take a bit longer, but no time like now to get started.

Getting a better paid job and shrinking our debt levels will get us closer to our dreams and kick start the process.

There are those of course who have very well paid jobs already and have no problem with meeting their outgoings, in fact that have an over abundance for what they need.

Often this can be worse situation than those at the other end of spectrum, because life is so comfortable from a financial point of view they put up with the mundane and boring jobs as they are trapped by their lifestyle.

They fear losing what they have even though what they do for making a living makes them miserable.

They, however, lack what is most important and that is true reason and purpose too their life, this situation is rife in the sales industry in particular.

They are caught in the ‘golden handcuffs’ and just as subject to, if not more so to the ‘time bandits of unfulfilled dreams’ compared to those who have lesser paid jobs.

It is much easier to work up towards what you truly want than to hazard your current lifestyle and possibly taking a cut to do the same.

There is only one thing that prevents any of us from achieving our dreams and that is courage.

I will continue with these thoughts later in this short series of blogs called, ‘My Friend Fear’.

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