KEITH BROWN BLOG: ‘War on terror’ - is it a screen to cover the West’s greed?

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In the 1987 movie ‘Wall Street’ Michael Douglas was awarded a Golden Globe for his performance as unscrupulous stockbroker, Gordon Gekko.

The film received great acclaim and many were influenced to become stock brokers, apparently.

A particular sentence in the film “greed, for lack of a better word, is good” said by Gordon Gekko has been immortalised for many, in regards to the attitude to have more. It was later shortened to “greed is good”

Our world is filled with violence, poverty, illness and endless noises of war. Many of those conflicts are said to be the West’s reaction to Islamist terrorists. The latest one being Mali which apparently is being supported against the terrorists by the French and UN for strategic and humanitarian reasons, in their war against fundamentalist Islam.

The fact the country has the world’s largest natural resource of Uranium which is vital to the French energy programme. As most of their domestic power is from nuclear production, is perhaps only of secondary importance!

We are told that the West is at war with terrorism disguised as Islam, which in some ways may be true.

I have, however, met many Muslims and recently again in Egypt, who are warm, generous and loving people and most true Muslims are of such a kind I have found. The problem is that with any faith, it is the few cranks that claim to have that faith and yet only give lip service to the truths within that faith, which tarnishes the many.

At a time when the western world is in financial crisis why are we involved in so many conflicts in the Middle East?

War makes money for some for sure and the fact that the USA’s and UK’s own oil reserves are running out may be some kind of answer.

Today the US imports 54 per cent at a cost of $34.3 billion in January 2013 alone. What is worth noting is the fact that the $434 billion that Americans spent on foreign oil last year equals the total amount of unemployment benefits paid to ALL Americans during the five-year span from 2007 through 2011. Source.

As for the UK it will likely see its net oil imports rise to 43 per cent of its oil demand by 2020, from around three per cent currently, as output from the country’s ageing North Sea fields continues to decline.

The Government said it also expects the UK to be a net importer of 53 per cent of its gas demand by 2020, a figure which will rise to 76 per cent in 2030. Source

Therefore, ask the question again ‘Is the West at war with Islamic fundamentalism or is it just a useful screen for “greed”? So that the West can take by force the natural resources of the Middle East.

Look around you, the results of the ideology that “greed, for lack of a better word, is good” brings only misery and death to both body and soul. As individuals we can do little perhaps to influence our government’s foreign policies or their motives.

We can however, individually choose to condone greed or we can choose to be at peace with those around us and be contented with what we already have.

Hard work brings its own reward does it not, or is that just old fashioned sentiment, when we see some take what they want from others by force? Is Islam Really the Biggest Threat to World Peace or is It GREED?

What do you think?

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