Jonathan Edwards column: A bit of advice as ‘mad Friday’ before Christmas looms


With Christmas approaching at the same speed as Fleur East’s battle bus flying back to the garage to be re-sprayed, I thought this was an appropriate time to share with you ‘Christmas revelling’ from the other side of the bar. Nearly everyone who works in the bar industry has two words they dread to hear, and they are ‘MAD FRIDAY’.

Years ago when Mansfield was surrounded with large factories and coal mines, the Friday before Christmas at around lunchtime, the entire working community broke up from work and descended upon the town centre for a full on Christmas boozefest. You couldn’t move in the pubs, nightclubs would open up in the afternoon and were packed to the rafters with workers eagerly waiting for the DJ to drop the Slade record.

Sadly, as the factories closed and the mines were shut, this particular drinking session has dwindled year on year.

Today, ‘Mad Friday’ is nothing like it used to be. Yes it’s busy, but assaults are few and far between and it’s a great night, but not as busy as you may visualise and gladly, it’s nowhere near as mad!

If you’re planning to party in Mansfield this weekend, here’s some festive advice...

1) Pace yourself – trying to drink your own bodyweight in beer is not big and certainly not clever – in fact, it’s illegal for us to serve you if you’re too drunk and you’ll be refused admission by the door staff and remember, it’s really cold stood on the street too...

2) Keep hold of your possessions - purses, wallets and phones, remember, the last thing you want is us lot looking through your embarrassing selfies on Sunday!

3) Be nice to the bar staff – they want to serve you as quickly as possible – shouting ‘here duck’ ‘Oi’ or clicking your fingers will guarantee a longer wait and make you more thirsty – believe me!

In all seriousness, everyone involved in the late night economy of Mansfield works extremely hard to make sure you have a brilliant time. We know it’s going to be busy, there are extra staff in the pubs and clubs, extra door supervisors in takeaways, and the police will be out in abundance ensuring your safety.

We’re all doing our bit, the rest is down to you folks.

Enjoy yourself, pace yourself, be kind to the strangers partying around you, stay safe, have fun and more importantly... have a fantastic Christmas!