Independence in the health and social care system

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Nottinghamshire recently became one of the first areas in the country to have joint plans working plans between organisations delivering health and social care approved.

The government’s Better Care Fund aims to show how £93m of local authority and NHS money will be spent on making integration happen.

In real terms the fund will mean fewer emergency admissions to hospital, and more people supported to remain independent and receive more care at home.

As a society we face huge challenges that make sweeping change in how we deliver essential care.

We have an ageing population which will mean increased pressure on the system, and all areas of public service face significant financial pressure.

We cannot meet these challenges by contuing to do things the way they have been done before – instead we need to be more creative and innovative in finding ways to support the people of Nottinghamshire.

People across Nottinghamshire have told us that they want to be supported to stay well at home and be independent for as long as possible.

They want to be treated with dignity and respect, and they want their care as close to home as possible.

Our vision is to create a new model of care based on the needs of people, not organisations, that will deliver more services outside of hospitals, with care professionals working seamlessly across organisations.

Among other things The Better Care Fund is setting out to reduce emergency admissions by 3.5 per cent, introduce more seven-day-a-week care from GPs and social care services and see more people with long term conditions being helped to manage their own conditions, and to stay independent at home.

We can only be successful by working together as organisations.

So it is important that the county council, local clinical commissioning groups and hospital trusts have worked together on these plans and that the county’s Health and Wellbeing Board will be instrumental in making sure that plans are delivered.

It is vital that local people have their say in all of this. If you have any comments or experiences that you want to share with me I am always pleased to hear them,