I will make a strong case for more police officers in Mansfield and Warsop

Ben Bradley MP
Ben Bradley MP

We should all be able to walk our streets without worrying about who is behind us, writes Ben Bradley MP.

We must not allow crime to blight our communities, and in recent weeks there have been a number of high profile and serious crimes on our streets.

I’m raising your concerns at the top and making local voices heard.

That’s why I’ve taken this issue to the highest level, including asking questions of the Prime Minister and Home Secretary and making them aware of the concerns of many local residents.

Through my Blue Collar Conservatives initiative, we’ve made sure crime is at the forefront of the discussion in Parliament.

I’m pleased that the Government is taking a proactive approach to violent crime.

The Offensive Weapons Bill will make it harder for young people to buy knives and acid online.

This is a huge step forward and the new Home Secretary has been absolutely clear that she wants to go back to a time when Britain was tough on crime, and to a system where violent criminals ‘feel terror’ at the prospect of facing the police and security services – too right.

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I’m also delighted that after campaigning on this since my election, the Government has announced the recruitment of an extra 20,000 police officers throughout the country.

Up to 500 of these should come to Nottinghamshire and you can rest assured that I will be making a strong case for Mansfield and Warsop to get more bobbies on the beat.

With extra police officers now being recruited, I need to make sure that your voice is being heard.

That’s why I will shortly be asking for residents opinions by completing an online survey and by writing to as many constituents as I can, so you can tell me what your priorities are for these additional resources.

Whatever your views, let me have them.

I’ll use the information you provide to make a strong case to decision makers, such as the Government, for Mansfield and Warsop to get the support it needs.