I’ll be meeting new King’s Mill Hospital bosses - Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero

Recent events at King’s Mill Hospital suggest there’s been a catastrophic failure of governance and current investigations must be full and thorough. New hospital bosses need to find a solution to fears over the long term financial future of the hospital and they need to ensure checks are in place to avoid a repeat of the blunders with breast cancer treatment.

We need stability, ambition - we need the best management the NHS has to offer. One lady who has been affected came to see me last week. She and her husband are understandably worried and angry but they want answers too. They want to know why these errors took so long to come to light, and why when they did, it took so long for women like her to be contacted. I’ve written to the new chief executive who started on Monday to find out. If any other women who have been affected would like to talk to me in confidence and ask me to raise any points about their own care with the hospital I’d be very happy to do so. I’ll be meeting the new chief executive and chairman very soon, so please call my office on 01623 720399 or email me at gloria.depiero.mp@parliament.uk if you’d like to pass on any information. I was encouraged when new King’s Mill chairman, Chris Mellor said last week, ‘it is my absolute priority to take swift action to bring about improvements in the Trust’s performance’. Together we’ll keep him to his word.

In recent weeks the political parties have been having their annual conferences - don’t worry I’m not going to talk about them - I know they are of far more interest to the Westminster village than the people of Ashfield! I do though want to mention 28 year old mum, Natalie Fleet from Sutton, who brought the Labour Party conference to its feet in a standing ovation for her heartfelt speech about the importance of education. Natalie your passion brought a tear to my eye. I’m so proud when people from Ashfield do well and just to prove that I’m not making a party political point I’d also like to say that I feel a similar pride when I bump into local lad Ben Rathe who works in Parliament for a Liberal Democrat MP. I’ll celebrate anyone from our area that makes it into a world which is way too dominated by posh people from London. Natalie and Ben are helping to change that by being trailblazers for their community.

I am genuinely shocked and appalled by the news that gas and electricity prices are going up AGAIN. The energy companies claim this is because of rising costs but why can’t they take a hit on their huge profits – after all British Gas profits were up 23% this year at British Gas. It’s just immoral. What on earth do the supposed regulators Ofgem do? Not much as far as I can tell.