Humbling for me to be part 
of Remembrance ceremony

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The Remembrance services throughout Ashfield were once again tremendous occasions which demonstrated our thanks to all the men and women who sacrificed their lives so we have our freedom today.

This particular year was more poignant due to the 100 year anniversary of the start of the First World War, and the images of the conflict shown on television emphasised the terrible conditions, loss of life and bravery.

It was incredibly humbling for me to be part of the ceremony in Huthwaite, along with the men, women, children, Scouts and the Armed Forces at the Cenotaph to honour the people who laid down their lives in the ultimate sacrifice, and also to be present at John Davies Primary School where pupils planted one poppy for each child in the school grounds.

Well done to all schools in Ashfield for their respective tributes.

Poppy wearing was inspired by an American woman Moina Michael who was the first to campaign for the poppy to be a memorial emblem, and it caught the public’s imagination, ensuring that the weekend of 11th November will continue to be a badge of sacrifice and courage for generations to come.

Moving on, Nottinghamshire County Council has recently announced that they will have to save £77 million by 2017/18.

The ruling Labour Group have set their stall out again for another rise in council tax this year, according to Councillor Alan Rhodes and Councillor David Kirkham in last week’s Chad.

So why are they cutting services to the electorate, who pay council tax for these services to be maintained?

Instead, why not examine the salary and pensions of the chief executive, the directors, the numerous heads of departments and subsequent managers and assistant managers along with the cost of consultants?

There was £900,000 taken from the public purse which went towards the cost of a new scoreboard at Trent Bridge, so Nottinghamshire could stage Test Matches, but this was under the Conservative administration.

How this was approved when tickets for a box at the Radcliffe Road End, this coming year, for the Australia v England Test Match are only £6,000 per day and single seats are £85 per ticket per day. Where is the profit going?

Other areas I believe need to be examined are the Councillors’ Divisional Fund which is in the region of £300,000 per year and the allowances of county councillors for the period ending March 2014 which was in excess of £1.5 million.

Is this fair? Have your say on the county council’s website at