How much has been wasted on changes to Mansfield Market?

Over the years, individual councils of Mansfield have tried (and failed) to update our local market.

Thursday, 27th September 2018, 12:09 pm
Updated Thursday, 27th September 2018, 7:03 pm

It would be interesting to learn the total cost in pounds that have been wasted, be it new stalls, brighter covers, widening the walkways between the stalls or new paving slabs. For each upgrade, the cost was the loss of traders, the latest was the move from West Gate (that was a total disaster).

The extra trade, or traders, or even the West Gate traders never happened.

The footfall now in West Gate is dismal, why was it moved? Was there some pressure from the shops along there or was it solely the councillors’ decision?

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It was not the public or the traders, neither were in favour. In fact Joe Public thought it was a crazy move but were we listened to? No. Was the petition taken into account? No.

When vast amounts of public money are to be used, these decisions should at least take serious account of the wider public’s view.

The market is now a shadow of its former self, and the councillors who voted the latest decision should take the blame. West Gate was a success.

It is no good quoting the loss of market trade up and down the country. A trip to Chesterfield on its market day would open a few councillors’ eyes and next time they may avoid shooting themselves in the foot.

The people of Mansfield may sometimes be right!

The latest West Gate stall days should have told our council something: we loved the hustle and bustle, although I do not believe Primark appreciated the smell of the onions throughout the store.

Come on, move all the stalls to West Gate, let’s have full stalls and a smaller market that at least looks like its thriving.

And the market — put in seating and a couple of mature trees, make it a pleasant place to sit and watch the world go by!

Marrianna Humphries

By email

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