GUEST COLUMN: Teaching team are outstanding role models to students, by Jane Kirchin, Ashfield Post 16 Centre

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A good post-16 centre will not only educate its students, it will also help prepare them for life beyond the safety of its gates.

Whether that is university or the workplace, it will enable them to participate in new experiences – trips to places of interest that they may not normally visit, the chance to perform in the school show, and the opportunity to step up and take on a wider responsibility in the post-16 community.

At Ashfield Post-16 Centre, the ultimate responsibility outside of study is to become part of the democratically-elected student management team.

This team of year 13 students assume many responsibilities, not least organising student social events, culminating in July with the glamorous summer ball.

But there is another, altogether more serious side to their duties that involves raising awareness of, and money for, various charities.

This week saw them helping Charlotte Garrad, head of year 13, organise a mammoth Macmillan coffee morning for the 300-strong staff .

Miss Garrad said of the students: “Our student management team is an outstanding group of individuals who are superb ambassadors for Ashfield Post-16 Centre.

“We run a Macmillan coffee morning every year, and this could not happen without the support and organisational skills of our student management team, who always rise to the occasion.”

Linda Maguire, head of Ashfield Post-16, added: “We very much believe in developing the whole person here at Ashfield, and our SMT is a perfect example of this.

“We trust them to step up and lead in the organisation of many different events and activities, and they always deliver.

“They are outstanding role models to other students, and are fully aware of the many life and employability skills they are developing in the execution of their SMT duties.”

Adam Collins, who joined Ashfield Post-16 in year 12 from another school, said of the experience: “I have been at Ashfield Post-16 for a year, and I absolutely love it.

“I am really happy to be on the SMT and love being involved in fundraising events like Macmillan coffee morning, raising money for such a worthy cause.”

Chloe Overfield also from the SMT, explained what she feels she and her fellow students get out of their roles: “I really enjoy being part of the SMT – I love the feeling that I am helping raise funds for good causes and making a difference. The added bonus is that I am developing the kind of skills that will really make me stand out to universities and employers – communication skills, the ability to work effectively as part of a team, problem solving, creative thinking and, by no means least, leadership.”

The coffee morning raised a massive £505.

If you would like to see the Ashfield Post 16 Centre for yourself, visit their open evening on Thursday, October 6, from 6pm to 8pm, everyone will be welcome. For more visit www.ashfield.notts.sch.uk