GUEST COLUMN: No two days the same, by Samworth Church Academy principal, Barry Found.

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As the traffic builds and commuters make their way to work we are already in lessons and active with our starter activities.

It’s 8.25am, students are working together in groups, in classrooms, on the sports field, in the drama pod and are supporting each other’s learning with the help of our committed and determined teachers.

Before we know it, it’s the end of lesson one and lesson two begins.

The pace is fast and furious, long gone are the days where the teacher talks and students write.

Every lesson depends on our students wanting to learn and by and large at The Samworth Church Academy they certainly do.

Next it’s assemblies and tutor time, both are linked and the theme of the week is discussed at length, our students have a voice and they are not shy in coming forward with their views!

Another lesson beckons after a snack in the restaurant, it could be an assessment, it could be practical. We could be discussing Shakespeare in one room and making some awful smelling potion in the Science room next door.... Who knows? But it’s all part of what we do, we inspire and challenge.

A breath of fresh air during our lunch period, or perhaps a snack in the Forest Cafe or a sit down top quality meal in the restaurant helps to prepare us all for the afternoon.

Before we know it, all of our timetabled lessons are over, five a day in all, it’s 2.30pm.

Time to go home? You must be joking! Why would we? We can stay for art club, Minecraft club, play netball, play the drums, rehearse your latest production on stage .... the list goes on and on.

The traffic starts to build again, commuters returning home, the lights are on in the Academy as teachers continue to work with students and prepare for another day.

We love our academy, we’re very proud of it. Our days fly by, sometimes just too quickly!