Guest column: Get ready for race day, by Steve Davies of Mansfield Harriers

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With just days to go until the Mnasfield 10K here are some top tips on how to prepare for such events.

Depending on what runners hope to achieve from the race will help shape your fitness programme. In the lead up to the Reach Mansfield 10K, participants should be training around three days a week. Serious runners, hoping to complete the run in less than 60 minutes, should complete three days of 6-8 miles, a speed session of 10 x 400mtrs, and a 5-6 mile run. Novice runners should aim to complete three runs rather than set a mileage. Alternate days of 30-40 minutes, 50 minutes and 60 minutes on a gradual increase of 5 minutes per run.

To maintain a healthy diet, in the lead up runners need to maintain a healthy balance of carbohydrates (pasta, brown bread, rice, jacket potatoes, proteins and low fats). More importantly, keep well hydrated during the day to allow you to be able to run in the evening and replenish both within 90 minutes of exercise.

In the week leading up to the race should be one of conserving energy. Try to go for a maximum of three steady runs and then rest for two days prior, paying particular attention to your diet and hydration.

Eating before exercise needs to be rehearsed. If you’re not already, try getting up at 7am and eat a light breakfast of toast or cereal before going for a 9:30am run, which would be race time.

After any race, hydrate slowly and moderately, and eat within 90 minutes. After race day, on the Monday, go for a gentle walk, jog or swim to ease the soreness. Alternatively, take 2-3 days off completely before resuming running again.