GUEST COLUMN: Get learning with CLaSS programme, by Coun John Knight

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Inspire’s Community Learning and Skills Service (CLaSS) is launching a new programme of learning in every district in Nottinghamshire this month.

Funded by the Education Funding Agency, and in partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council, CLaSS offer 16-19 year olds, free personalised study programmes and traineeships – also available to young people with a learning disability up to the age of 24.

Inspire is a community benefit society which delivers a range of cultural, art, library and learning services. These services are funded by Nottinghamshire County Council, The Arts Council of England, Education and Skills funding agencies.

For the first time, and funded by the Skills Funding Agency, they also offer traineeships and apprenticeships for adults over 19 at different venues across the county. Enrolment is open all year, including start dates between September 2016 and January 2017.

CLaSS is also launching direct delivery of community learning courses from September 2016 funded by the Skills Funding Agency and in partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council.

A wide range of subjects and around 100 courses will start in autumn reflecting the themes of employability and health and wellbeing.

Responding to needs identified by learners and local partners, courses are either free or low cost at just £2.90 per hour and include;

• Music Ppoduction

• Conversational English

• Volunteering

• Confidence building

• English for employment

• Unsolved crimes

• Christmas crafts

• How to set up a blog

• Mindfulness

• Family learning and many more.

Whether on study programmes or community learning, CLaSS welcome all new students who wish to improve their prospects of employment, develop maths and English skills, or just increase their confidence and love of learning in a friendly atmosphere.

Building on 15 years’ of experience of running similar provision across the county of Nottinghamshire, CLaSS is looking forward to a new year of learning opportunities for Nottinghamshire residents.

Please call 01623 476 830, or email for more information.