GUEST COLUMN: Firms should share success, by Dave Hartshorne

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So it’s that time of year again when people and businesses begin to look at entering awards.

They look at the criteria, tick which categories they want to enter and then gather the information required.

We’ve been fortunate enough over the years to receive a few awards in our company.

From entrepreneurship, to start-up, some of our work has been recognised by the business community and experts in their field.

It’s testament to the good work of our people, who design good-looking websites and create ecommerce solutions that deliver results for our customers.

But awards, like the ones run by this very news organisation, are a great way for people to shout about what they do.

And we certainly need to do more of that in Mansfield and Ashfield.

There is entrepreneurship around every corner. There are people working hard to design things, make things, sell things, and offer great customer service at the same time.

Businesses themselves need to do it.

They need to do it because it gets them noticed but it also helps to put the area on the map.

There are organisations doing that already, like the councils and the Invest Ashfield Mansfield scheme, and Mansfield Means Business, and Mansfield 2020, but it is for the companies to do more.

From aerospace engineering companies, printers, and lawyers to estate agents, plumbers and developers, there are a lot of people doing great things.

It helps not only their workforce, but their customers, and it can raise the aspirations of younger people.

We work with a lot of very different companies in this area, each with their own goals and aspirations and their own achievements.

If we as businesses can show what successes we are having, and, let’s be honest, share some of the mistakes too, then we can help the next generation of business owners and managers in this area.

We can show that there is talent in our communities, there are bright apprentices who can learn the skills, and there are experienced people who can share their wisdom.

We can show that with dedication, determination, and hard work, anything is achievable.

And it can be done right here in Mansfield and Ashfield.

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