Graham Allen’s MP column: It is time we saw more Robin Hood spirit in our Government

Charity campaigners dressed as Robin Hood who today demanded UK banks pay a �20 billion tax back to society.
Charity campaigners dressed as Robin Hood who today demanded UK banks pay a �20 billion tax back to society.

It’s a shame George Osborne insists on playing the Sherriff, but another step towards the Robin Hood tax coming to the aid of our local communities was taken last week when the European Court stood up for the British people and rejected the Governments objections.

I fully support the Robin Hood tax- a Nottingham MP can’t do anything else. It is a tiny tax of less than on per cent on international financial trades, a flea bite to them but a big deal to the local communities who will benefit from well invested money.

It was the crash of the banks which led to the international recession, they should make a contribution to our recovery.

We should raise additional money from the banking sector and reform our financial institutions and one of measures that should be brought forward is the Robin Hood Tax.

Britain should once again be leading on this issue internationally instead it drags behind most European governments who want to press ahead with the tax, I am really disappointed that the again the British Government has an empty chair in Europe, failing to engage in the worldwide debate on this Financial Transaction Tax (FTT).

It is hard to come out of Europe when they are not really there fighting for our interests in the first place.

At a time when they are forcing deep cuts across all services in our area, the Government should be leaping at every chance to raise funds to help improve people’s lives.

Poverty isn’t just an international issue anymore, I see it in communities like mine in Nottingham North every day.

If you were the Government where would you invest this windfall? Perhaps in the thousand local long term jobless young people, or on Mums who are skipping meals because they can’t afford to feed their kids, maybe the Pensioners who couldn’t afford to heat their homes this winter?

We have Food banks, victims of the bedroom tax, and people across Nottingham struggling to make ends meet, while the bankers who caused the recession carry on as before.

It’s time we saw more of Robin Hood’s spirit in our Government. And you wouldn’t even have to wear the green tights George!