Government funding will help Mansfield grow and thrive

Ben Bradley MP
Ben Bradley MP

I want to reflect this week on the fantastic news about Mansfield’s £25 million town deal, and securing a major investment in the town’s future, writes Ben Bradley MP.

It’s something I’ve fought for over the last two years as your MP, and this deal is a huge opportunity for Mansfield and north Nottinghamshire.

There is also an opportunity early in 2020 to secure further funding from the Future High Streets Fund and I will work with the council on that bid to secure it.

I want to make sure there is a collaborative approach with key stakeholders around the table, so that everyone can ensure this money is spent effectively.

It’s not just for one organisation or council to decide.

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It is Mansfield’s money as a town and there needs to be real teamwork to ensure that it is put to best use.

I’d like to see a two-tiered approach, where we can put forward a solid foundation of improvements through this initial town deal funding, with further plans to put the cherry on top if Mansfield can grab that extra High Street cash next year too.

The two pots of funding need to be seen together, as different steps on the same journey to unlocking the local potential and boosting the economy.

The first thing of course is to decide on the key priorities that need to be focused on with the town deal money.

This is quite a wide-ranging fund that could be spent on anything from leisure, to transport, to physical town centre improvements and more.

There’s so much to go at, so it needs proper planning and study as to the effects of any changes.

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The specifics will be released by Government in the coming weeks, but one of the key criteria will be that Mansfield can demonstrate the economic benefits of its plan and that it’s got support from key local stakeholders.

So again, it’s important that everyone is working together.

I’ll keep pushing for more investment and support, and make sure that Mansfield can fulfil the incredible potential it has as a town.