Gloria de Piero: Together we are really making a difference

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The whole of my column this week is dedicated to some real results I’ve achieved for our community.

Huthwaite residents have told me about the problems caused by traffic problems on Chesterfield Road for some time. I’ve pestered the council constantly and I’ve now received an email from the highways department at Nottinghamshire County Council which mean new rules introducing weight restrictions for driving up chesterfield road will be in place by the end of the year.

If this doesn’t happen - please let me know so I can pull them up but this looks like good news - Together we’ve done it!

There was a real buzz around the office on Friday evening once the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced the Government and UK Coal had caved in to pressure and reversed the decision to cut miners’ concessionary fuel allowance.

I’m absolutely delighted with the U-turn and judging by the number of calls I received on Friday so were lots of constituents as well. I’ve been in constant contact with the unions, ministers and fellow colleagues such as John Mann and Alan Meale who deserve a lot of credit for their hard work. The pressure has finally paid off.

Thanks are also due to the concerned constituent who alerted me to the broken lift which had been out of order at the Lammas Leisure Centre for over two months. By getting in touchwith me it meant I was able to contact bosses and give them a nudge and I’m pleased to say it’s now up and running again.

Sometimes it’s just the small things people say to me that makes being your MP the best job in the world.

Huthwaite man Robert Sharp had worked all of his life until he found himself out of a job through no fault of his own.

Although he was only out of work for three weeks he signed on so that he had enough money to get by. After coming up against obstacle after obstacle, some unhelpful Job centre staff and poor advice, he turned to me for help.

Not long after I intervened, Mr Sharp had a full apology from the DWP and the benefits he was rightfully entitled to were paid in full and a consolatory payment of £50.

He’s now back in full-time work and he sent me the most lovely email to say thank you.

It’s a pleasure to be at your service.