Gloria De Piero MP: Have you had hospital appointment delay?

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May I applaud head teacher Lizzie Blount and all of the four and five year olds at Croft Primary and Nursery School for breaking the mould when it comes to doing politics differently.

When I paid a visit to the school recently I learned how the Foundation Year class held their very own election day and in an imaginative twist the kids’ campaigns were based on the famous Three Little Pigs Story.

The candidates had to promote the qualities of either a brick house, straw house or a house made out of sticks before persuading their classmates to cast a vote in the ballot box, with the Brick House Party declared the eventual winners.

I was accompanied by local councillors Steve Carroll and‎ David Griffiths - David was a pupil at Croft when he was a lad and we all agreed that we had better look over our shoulders when these young ones come of age.

We definitely have competition. And that’s exactly how politics should be.

The other day I had to deal with the ridiculous case of a local gentleman who had been waiting for an eternity to get a follow up eye appointment at the hospital.

My constituent, who only has the use of one eye, was told at an appointment last July that he’d need to see the specialist again within four months.

Despite being told this and despite calling regularly once that time had passed – an appointment was no closer to being confirmed.

I got involved last week and demanded bosses get their act together.

Thankfully he received an apology and got an appointment within the next couple of days but that length of delay – almost eight months, shouldn’t be happening.

Worryingly, it’s not the first complaint I’ve had regarding patients experiencing long delays when it comes to a routine test or an appointment with a specialist.

Another gentleman from Kirkby became increasingly frustrated about the amount of time it was taking to get an appointment to discuss his ultra-sound test results. Several months in fact.

Once I intervened, progress was made and an appointment fixed up but it shouldn’t need me to kick up a fuss.

So, I want to know if lots of other local people have had similar experiences when it comes to our health service over the last few years, if so please do get in touch with me on 01623 720 399 or email‎.

I’ll always get on the case for you.