Gloria De Piero: I never fail to be amazed by the people of Ashfield

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I meet many amazing people in Ashfield but sometimes I meet someone extraordinary who displays such courage that they humble me.

People like Gary Thrall who got his life and business back on track after a vicious knife attack, or hero and family man, Kris Harrison, from Huthwaite who served his country for over six years as a soldier. Recently, I’ve met someone else I’d like to add to that list - Michelle Noble - soon the truth will out but for now I want to say that I have nothing but admiration for you Michelle.

You are a remarkable woman.

The other week I had the pleasure of being invited to Annesley Arts and Craft Fair.

Anne Chalkley, one of the organisers told me she had a few sleepless nights leading up to the event but she needn’t have worried. Anne and the rest of the organisers should give themselves a big pat on the back for putting on such a family friendly community event.

I bought some lovely Christmas cards from Miss Nova Designs and a fascinating little book called ‘Annesley Through the Ages’ from Mrs Pearson who lives in the village and whose late husband was the author.

I was also absolutely overwhelmed to be presented with a bouquet of flowers by nine year old Mac Barnes and a walking staff bearing the Labour Party logo made by Bob Collier.

I’m still chuffed to bits!

Visits always stay with me. Last year I went to Abbey Hill Primary School to find out more about an initiative the kids were involved with called Helping Hands which aims to raise awareness of fire safety and encourage greater community cohesion in the area. Ashfield District Council is now working with Abbey Hill and other schools and community centres in the area to try and secure funding to improve play facilities around Beacon Drive Pay Area.

I had absolutely no hesitation in pledging my support to the improvement project so the community can have a park they can be proud of.

Moment of the Month – eighty year old Sheila Street told me she feared the worst when she didn’t get her Warm Home Discount.

Faced with a perishing winter and energy bills going through the roof the pensioner thought her only chance would be to take a minister’s advice and buy a new jumper. No need. Within 24 hours of Mrs Street popping into my office E.On confirmed they’d made a mistake and assured me Sheila would get her discount.

I’m conscious there might be more people out there who find themselves in a similar situation, if so please get in touch and I’ll do all I can to help.