General election is now the only way break the Brexit deadlock

Ben Bradley MP
Ben Bradley MP

We’ve had another week where everything has happened but nothing has been achieved, writes Ben Bradley MP.

Boris Johnson delivered a new Brexit deal, though everyone said it was impossible, and I hoped we might finally see light at the end of the tunnel.

Unfortunately, that light was quickly turned off when opposition MPs voted against being able to agree the deal by the October 31 deadline, handing power back over to the EU.

After taking one step forward, we have two steps back and are now in a political quagmire where nothing can be achieved.

As Geoffrey Cox MP (the attorney general) said, this truly is a dead Parliament that cannot achieve its aims.

Brexit, the biggest political issue of our time, is paused.

This Parliament will not allow it to go through.

The opposition parties have blocked no deal but also refuse to agree a deal.

We’ll go on and on like this, unless something in Parliament changes.

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This is why we need an election.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather not have an election in December.

I know everyone would rather have carol singers on their doorsteps than politicians canvassing for votes.

But I feel like we’ve been left with no choice.

If we don’t have an election, I see no end to this impasse where nothing can get done

Every avenue to delivering Brexit is blocked off by the majority in opposition.

I fear we MPs will continue going round in circles unless we ask the voters to break the deadlock

Parliament has found itself very good at voting ‘against’ everything to do with Brexit but never ‘for’ any useful outcome.

Even when Parliament finally voted in favour of Boris Johnson’s deal, it got stopped in the subsequent vote, 15 minutes later.

If I’m being totally honest with you, I’m just fed up of this whole thing, just as I know many of my constituents are too.

We can’t keep having this same conversation over and over, but getting nowhere.

I believe a general election could sort it out and I hope one is agreed this week.

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