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I am truly over the moon at Saturday result. I am pleased for all of the players, staff and of course our management dream team of Duncan Russell and Paul Hall.

But most of all the fans of Mansfield Town I feel very privilege to share such a special day with the most fantastic fans in British football.

Anyone who says football has no passion or no heart really should have been in the Oak Road Stand at Kenilworth Road because this 2nd leg had grown men in tears of joy, as Louis Briscoe sealed this tie with a penalty with just 2 minutes left of the extra time to be played.

For me Saturday has shown just what this team could on the brink of with John Radford as Mansfield Town chairman.

I now find myself forgetting the rest of the season which the players must not do, and Tuesday will be the first chance to try to forget the trip to Wembley in May by having a cold evening in Histon.

Histon will need to be dealt with the same way that Luton were hard work, determination and a desire to win as if they beat Histon there is another trip to Wembley was on the cards.

Saturday made the trips to Eastbourne and Barrow all the more sweeter when I was being called stupid for getting up at the crack of dawn to travel with my beloved Stags to back the boys come rain or shine.

This club which is in a different county to where I live as really got in my heart and I couldn’t see me doing anything else with my weekends than follow the Amber and Blues wizards.

For me the boys who played in the Semi-Finals and of course the final will go down in history of the club whatever the result on May 7th because Mansfield Town don’t get to Wembley every day. It has been twenty four years since we last visited and last time the stadium looked like it was falling down but this time Wembley looks like it will be an amazing place to visit and I can’t wait to go.

This day out is just sweet reward for our club that has had a new owner, lock out of our ground for two weeks, lost 7-2 at Grimsby on New Years Day and then won the first half of our legal battle with Keith Haslam - this is just in one season.

I bet Manchester United fans have had not had to put up with this lot.

This day out is for all of the supporters who have stuck with the Stags through thin and thinner times and travel on the coach with me to every away game to all points of the compass.

Now before we go to Wembley lets fill Field Mill for all of the home games coming up and really show the lads how much we love them all for giving us what will be a brilliant day.