Eyespy - 24th October

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I hope the calorie-controlled food is better than the spelling on the board outside a Mansfield bakery. It tries to grab the attention of its “wieght” watching customers.

Waste of paint

Nice to see the parking bays on Warsop High Street have been repainted. But why paint a big POLICE sign on the road when the station has been closed for months.

Submitted by one eagle-eyed reader through eyespy@chad.co.uk.

Taking the ...

So there’s a distinct lack of public toilets on Sutton Road, but surely you can’t just stand against a wall at 8 in the morning and relieve yourself? Well one man felt it was okay to, and nobody seemed to bat an eyelid, that included mothers and toddlers hurrying along the path to get to school. Then again, he was wearing a camouflage jacket. And while I’m on the subject, the very next day on Carter Lane I saw the same sight, again around 8-9am in the morning. What is going on in Mansfield?

Unfair running!

I am all for having fun, but using cars as a base for free running is hardly appropriate. But that was what was happening on Friday as youths left the fair on The Racecourse in Mansfield? Where are the police when you need them?

Fireworks message

I know that Bonfire Night is approaching, but ... Is it right to hear ‘bangers’ going off around midnight three weeks ahead of Guy Fawkes Night.

What’s the point?

After wandering around Mansfield town centre on Sunday, I left thinking what’s the point of Sunday shopping? Apart from the convenience aspect for the odd shopper who works Monday-Saturday, it was full of people wandering aimlessly who appeared to be there just for the sake of it. Should we restrict Sunday shopping to just December for Christmas time?

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