Eyespy 18/01/12

Pressure on beverage facilities is always a good indicator of success. By Monday last week the coffee machine at Mansfield’s fabulous new library was already paying the price of fame, unable to dispense cappuccino. Also nice to see plenty of Chads on offer and apparently popular alongside the sprawl of national newspapers.

I HOPE that the development at Sainsbury’s in Mansfield sorts out the traffic situation once and for all. If not, then after another frustrating Saturday trying to get out of the gridlocked car park - albeit for only a short time on this occasion - I will be shopping elsewhere.

WELL done to the motorist on Thursday who undercut a car patiently waiting at the bottom of Pecks Hill in Mansfield as two mothers and a group of young children crossed the road. If the pedestrians had not been so vigilant, this would have been a real tragedy.

THIS column has already highlighted the disgraceful amount of dog dirt on Newgate Lane in Mansfield - a situation not helped by the owner of a pit bull-style pet who simply walked away from the mess his pooch left last Wednesday morning.

WE all do our bit for charity, but the constant bombardment of charity collection bags dropping through our letter boxes is getting beyond a joke - isn’t it?

We have already praised the new-look library and the recent town centre Christmas lights in Mansfield in this column. Mansfield Museum also deserves a big pat on the back. It never fails to provide a warm welcome and fascinating displays.