Eye Spy - Thursday 30th August

Back of the net

Well done to the mum at a local non-league football match on Saturday. Her young son (well under five years of age) dropped his empty crisp bag on the floor and she ran over, put her foot on the offending item, shouted him back to pick it up and then made him take it to the nearest litter bin. Values start at a young age and hopefully this little boy will be a better person for learning this rule.

Celebrations set to continue

I love the closing time on the Clipstone Allotment Association Veg Show and BBQ Day on 8th September. It reads ‘1.30pm until we’ve had enough!’ - submitted by Chad reader Wayne Swiffin. If you have an item for inclusion in this column, email eyespy@chad.co.uk

Who are you?

I am a massive Dr Who fan and was enjoying watching the mouthwatering BBC teaser for the new series the other evening when I suddenly thought I had time-travelled for myself. For as I looked up from the TV screen and out of the window, there walking up the street was a dalek ... not to mention a Smurf and what looked like a large rabbit. No, I had not been drinking, but I am sure the lads out in fancy dress for a party would have done that night!

Plain quackers!

I’VE never seen a 15mph speed limit sign on the open road but one has found its way onto the bottom of the River Maun near Bridge Street. Not sure what the ducks thought but it didn’t seem to be slowing them down or myself.

Nice man with a van

OR rather two nice men stopped their vans on the busy A38 near B&Q to help a lady on her stalled Motability scooter. The ‘dynamic’ duo’ leapt into action, amidst car hooters blasting out, risking their own lives to bring the lady to safety. It was nice to see there are still some caring people out there. - submitted by an anonymous Chad reader. If you have an item for inclusion in this column, email eyespy@chad.co.uk

I know we live in a nanny state these days. BUT is it really necessary for supermarket shoppers to be directed to both empty parking spaces and till queues by staff with arrows? Whatever happened to common sense and thinking for ourselves?

The owl and the ... dog!

A CHAD reader spotted a strange sight on Station Street in Kirkby on Friday lunchtime when he came across a man walking his dog - and his owl. The reader wrote: “It was bizarre but it made my trip to Morrisons more entertaining. In one hand he had a lead with the little terrier and on the other was a white owl, proper glove on the hand and everything!”

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