Eye Spy - 8th February 2012

DID you spot that the quirky photo in last week’s column showed a tree appearing to come out of the roof of the top of the BhS building on West gate in Mansfield?

TWO weeks ago I mentioned the mess left by dog walkers on a woodland walk at Blidworth. Now the culprits seem to have to come to the street right outside my drive in Mansfield, leaving me with a disgusting mess on my shoe when I ghot out of my car. Why, oh why, do dog walkers still not clear up after their pets?

Unbelievable! The very cold, frosty mornings surely mean that you scrape your windscreen before setting off on your journey on the school run. But no, this driver heading for Abbey Primary decided to suddenly slam their brakes on, leap out with the de-icer and spray the windscreen as they approached the school - narrowly missing causing an accident involving the cars behind them.

SIGN of the times . . . Seen on the side of an MPV in a Mansfield retail park was the advertising slogan: “If your (sic) reading this think of the potential for your Business!” Shame about the missing apostrophe, an “e” and a comma, then we would be in business!