Eye Spy - 5th December

Frosty reception

I know this comes around every year, but it still makes my blood boil. Why do motorists on frosty mornings insist on driving off with just a small area of their windscreens - and side windows - cleared, drastically reducing their visibility. That meant on Friday morning one driver pulling out onto Sherwood Hall Road and into my path because he couldn’t see whether or not the road was clear for him to enter into.

Pyjama party?

Interesting attire for one shopper on Newgate Lane on Saturday lunchtime. I’m not sure that her pyjamas would have been enough to keep out the cold, even though the sun was shining!

Accident waiting to happen

6pm on Saturday on Eakring Road in Mansfield. It was dark, so why did two teenagers on bikes think it was fine to weave into traffic on a busy road with no lights on their bikes?

Better timing

The garage at the Tesco store on Oak Tree Lane is always busy on a Saturday afternoon. That’s understandable, but do their own delivery vans have to add to the frustration of waiting motorists by filling their vans up at such a busy time?

Healthy look

It was particulalry ironic to see two people who I assume had just left Clipstone Health Centre, stood outside the building chain smoking. It’s a good job the doctors were inside the building and not outside!

Cheap as chips!

As I was driving through Forest Town admiring its Christmas lights this year, my eyes were drawn by what I thought was something fishy going on outside a shop. But instead it was a group of men forming an orderly queue outside the village chippy waiting for it to open at 5pm. Obviously a hungry group . . .

A sickening sight

One young child was obviously off school for a reason on Monday, as several folk walking one Mansfield street found out in no uncertain terms - as he vomitted on more than one occasion. Perhaps with a sickness bug sweeping the area, it may have been better for then two adults with him to have kept him indoors!

Read all about it . . .

We all know how irritating it can be to be stuck in traffic at rush hour but one commuter on Coxmoor Road in Sutton decided that sitting in a queue of traffic was a good opportunity to catch up on his morning paper. Luckily he didn’t cause an accident - but his fellow motorists were slightly annoyed that he didn’t move when the traffic lights changed from amber to green.

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