Eye Spy - 4th July

Super recycler

There is nothing more annoying than carefully sorting your rubbish each week into recyclables and non-recyclables, only to find that some people can’t be bothered to do their bit for the environment. This must have been the view of the elderly gentleman seen walking up Newgate Lane, reusable bags in hand, and bravely rooting through the litter bins for rogue cans and glass bottles that had been discarded, so he could take them to be recycled. Bravo, Mister! Our planet needs more people like you!

Car salesman English

On Sunday I went to pick up a new car. Well, a nearly new car. As we sat with the car salesman filling in the paperwork, he asked: “Were you happy with how the car was presented to you today?” I told him I wasn’t happy that despite spending a good few thousand on it, it didn’t look as though it had been valeted and washed properly. He got out his pen and duly wrote ‘could of been cleaned.’ I looked on agape, opened my mouth to speak and correct him, then decided I was probably wasting my breath. I fear for the future, I really do.

Incompatible advertising

I couldn’t help but notice the unfortunate juxtapositioning of an Inspiring Mansfield sign related to the Olympic Games in close proximity to a bus stop billboard advertising a world-famous fast-food outlet on Leeming Lane in Mansfield Woodhouse. Hardly the most compatible of advertisements, I think you’d agree!

Better late than never!

In this digital age of news now, I had to laugh when I saw a gentleman reading a well-known national newspaper on Sunday morning . . . from the day after the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations!

It’s the Olympics not Euro2012

As the Torch went past a couple of folk in the crowd started enthusiastically shouting ‘come on England’! Obviously they haven’t noticed that this is not part of the Euro 2012 football and failed to realise that in the Olympics it is all about a united Great Britain. Can see them booing any Scottish, Irish or Welsh athletes when it gets started!

Banking mad

I was less than impressed in a Mansfield bank last week when I went in to set up a standing order. I know customer service is not what it used to be, but the woman on the desk handed me a form and told me to fill it in. It soon became apparent this was something once done by the bank staff, and I had to hand it back half complete for her to fill in the blanks. She looked irritated and said it would be processed that day. I have my doubts.

Selfish adults

IT was a shame that a minority of adults saw fit to stand in the way of some children along parts of the Olympic Torch Relay route. Not a greatest example to set those youngsters on what should have been a day to remember for them!