Eye Spy - 31st October

Red light dodger spells danger!

Well done to the motorist who went through two red lights on Sunday afternoon at the Portland Retail Park? Fortunately other motorists took evasive action.

. . . as does no lights at night!

And while I am mentioning motorists, what about the young driver going along Newgate Lane at 10pm with no headlights on? He even had the temerity to make rude gestures at motorists ‘flashing’ him to warn of the danger.

Horse play!

What a lovely and unexpected view as I drove by the Ravensdale pub in Mansfield on Saturday lunchtime. A horse and cart parked in the car park. It could have been a scene from an idyllic village pub 100 years ago.

What an example!

Finding a job is not easy today. But surely employers writing rejection letters should at least get the surname and sex of an applicant right? Not if they are Notts Police it seems!

Dogs and leads

Many people love to spend Sunday afternoons on a long walk through the woods. But why do some - and it is only some - dog owners seem to think it is fine for their pets to run up to unsuspecting walkers and then jump up, covering them in muddy paw prints and scaring those fellow walkers who are afraid of dogs.

How long . . .

Now that Orange and TMobile have merged, we have two shops in the Four Seasons rebranded under the EE (everyone everywhere) banner, just to confuse the public. How long before one of these closes and we have yet another empty shop/unit in town?

Taking the biscuit!

We all make the odd mistake on the roads. But berating a poor pedestrian you’ve nearly run over when you’ve just turned up the wrong side of the road as witnessed on Sunday at the junction of Ratcliffe Gate and St Peter’s Way really takes the biscuit.

Mystery over the missing row

It was a great honour for the Stags to host an international match last week. But perhaps next time the club should remember not to print tickets for the non-existent Row I for the Ian Greaves Stand lower tier - where I should have been seated!

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