Eye Spy - 25th July

Grinding out some cash

Busking takes some guts and a fair bit of talent, but how much skill is there in organ grinding? There were people dropping money into the hat of a man simply turning a handle of a machine in Mansfield town centre.

The things you hear!

IT was a surprise to overhear a couple in Mansfield last week discussing their plans for a BBQ once the gulf stream had moved. Hopefully they meant the jet stream . . . unless their garden is under the sea.

Christmas in July

I know that shops have to try an ever increasing number of ways to persuade us to part with our money, but surely using a Christmas tree complete with flashing lights to sell Christmas cards in July is going a bit far? That is what is happening at one department store in Mansfield at the moment. Beales has a ‘closing out’ sale, which includes the festive cards on the flashing tree - and after being told of the sale by two bemused pensioners I had to take a look for myself. I suppose it is never too early to start thinking about the big day!

Summer has arrived

At long last summer seems to be hear with sunshine and warmer temperatures. The weather was so nice that I spent one evening at Sherwood Forest over the weekend for the first time in a long while. What a pleasant surprise to see so many rabbits hopping around, squirrels darting among the undergrowth and such a selection of birds flying among the trees - one seemingly bright yellow. I wonder what it was?

Flower power

There is a teacher in our house, which now resembles a cross between a florists and a sweet shop. So many gifts from the young pupils moving upto another year in September who were grateful for the previous nine months of education. Their thoughtful small gestures restored my faith in human nature.