Eye Spy - 22nd August

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Where’s Goldilocks?

Chad photographer Anne Shelley captured these three teddy bears, right, taking up a rooftop vantage point on New Mill Lane in Mansfield Woodhouse last week. But one question we need answering is, where was Goldilocks? E-mail eyespy@chad.co.uk

Olympic spirit?

I KNOW that the Olympics gripped the nation, particularly in the velodrome where our cyclists claimed gold medal after gold medal. But surely the new interest among local residents in the sport does not mean they have to be riding down our streets at four o’clock in the morning? Or perhaps the two men on their bikes on my street in the early hours on three occasions last week were more interested in something else?

What a car-ry on

DRIVING around in a soft top looks wonderful on a sunny afternoon, though I have never experienced the pleasure. But one motorist in his snazzy open-topped sports car got caught out in last Wednesday’s torrential thunderstorm, slewing to a halt on the A617 and hurriedly putting his roof down as the rain poured in. Perhaps these cars should come equipped with a free brolly for drivers caught out by the vagaries of the British summer weather.

Inconsiderate motorists

WHAT is it about getting behind the wheel of a car, van or lorry that brings out the worst in so many people. Last Thursday I was chatting about how wonderful the past few weeks had been as people went about their business considerately and with a smile on their faces after the Olympic feelgood factor seemed to take us all over. How quickly things changed as I sat in roadworks at Kirklington through several traffic light changes while drivers coming the other way clearly kept going through on red lights, meaning those of us on the other side had no opportunity to get to our destination.