Eye Spy - 20th September

Waste dumped in woods

Some people have to pay for a brown bin to dispose of their garden rubbish. Obviously not one of the residents of Lindhurst Lane, who waited until it had got dark, and sheepishly ran backwards and forwards across the road, to dump his half cut trees over the fence and into the woods at the bottom of Berry Hill Park. Disgraceful! - submitted by one eagle-eyed Chad reader. To submit your ‘eye spy’ suggestion for this column, e-mail eyespy@chad.co.uk

A cheery wave means everything

The opposite of the impatient drivers is the cheery lollipop lady on Sandy Lane. I came across her on Friday and the over-exagerrated ‘thank you’ wave to motorists who stopped to allow her to shepherd children and their parents across the road made me smile. If only more people could spread a little happiness!

Cycling mania!

The success of our Olympic cyclists has clearly prompted more people to climb into the saddle. But I had to smile on Sunday lunchtime when I saw a ‘pelaton’ of about four road racing cyclists - resplendant in all the gear - overtaking on Sherwood Hall Road in Mansfield an old gentleman on his tricycle on the way back from the allotments.

Don’t mention the ‘C’ word

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I wandered into the Tesco store on the Oak Tree Lane estate on Sunday and was met by an aisle of Christmas cards. Surely mid-September is way too early to be thinking about the festive season? Although perhaps I am in the minority judging by the odd Facebook status now creeping in, saying that it is only 100 sleeps until the ‘big day’.

Speeding drivers’ no patience

I drive to work every morning along Berry Hill Road in Mansfield, observing the 30mph limit. So why is it that so many cars overtake me, only to be one or two places ahead by the time we reach the High Oakham traffic lights?

Headphones menace

As I pulled into the Chad car park yesterday a young lad walked across the entrance, headphones in ears, singing along to his music and oblivious to cars trying to turn in. I love my iPod headphones too, but it is a modern day hazard and an accident waiting to happen.

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