Eye Spy - 1st August

The road to nowhere

If you’re going to hitchhike, then a destination is usually a good idea to write on a placard. One thumb rider spotted recently on the outskirts of Mansfield was either just desperate to get out of the town, or was fed-up of waiting to get to his preferred choice of place. His placard simply read ‘Anywhere’.

Sign of the times

There are some mischievous people at work in Mansfield town centre who appear to be having fun confusing visitors to the town. It seems that they have taken to amusing themselves by rearranging the arrows on the signpost at the top of Regent Street. According to the sabotaged signpost, the Market Place is somewhere behind Wilkos and the museum is in the opposite direction to where it really is! Maybe the council needs to bolt the signs in place to stop them being moved or else increase the height of the signpost so that these pesky people can no longer reach them?

Why the garage attraction?

The petrol station on Southwell Lane in Mansfield seemed to be a popular place for young people to hang around during last week’s warm weather where a large group had gathered by the bins. Come on kids! There must be better places to spend the summer holidays. What about one of the area’s parks?

Glad to be in Mansfield!

A friend of mine who lives in London rang on Friday to ask if I would be watching the Olympic Games opening ceremony - and then said I was lucky to be so far away in Mansfield. He was complaining after prices for food where he lives - simple things like a packet of sandwiches and a can of coke - had doubled in some shops overnight.

Falling on deaf ears!

Perhaps a change in tac is needed by a mobile butcher van man in Mansfield town centre, whose efforts with a loud speaker to attract customers appeared to backfire one day last week. His Delboy-style approach appeared to scare off most people as they hurried past, some desperately tried not to make eye contact as he shouted about the price of pork chops.

One too many . . .

The Newgate Lane benches became a temporary hostel for one cider-slurping local, who got his feet up and his head down on Friday for an afternoon kip. He was so much at home he even kicked off his trainers.

Dark side of lanterns

Thank you to the irresponsible person who let off a Chinese Lantern in a built up area of Mansfield last week. On Wednesday morning I found one on my decking, thankfully it had gone out and not caused any damage, but it could easily have landed on my conservatory roof and caused a fire. They cause enough damage in the countryside - frightening cattle and causing grass fires - but are even more dangerous in heavily populated areas.