Eye Spy - 18th July

Puzzled over Pleasley Hill

I have to admit to being totally bamboozled by the thought processes surrounding the current demolition of the boarded up houses at Pleasley Hill. I’ve been watching the progress of this project almost daily over the past weeks, and it’s been satisfying to see one block after another gradually disappear revealing green land behind. However, for whatever reason, they have missed a block and moved on to the one below. WHY? No-one lives there. I don’t get it.

Has to be worth money even in a sale

I took myself off to the East Midlands Designer Outlet the other lunch time because someone told me a certain store had a fantastic shoe sale on. Now I love that place and the stores are getting better and better. Imagine my delight when I tried on a lovely shoe for £20. I asked to try the other, and it was duly brought over. Horror! It was a completely different shade of blue. Know what the assistant said? ‘You can just pop it in the windowsill and it will fade to the same shade as the other!’ And the moral is: if something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Charity own goal, surely?

I was amazed at the number of street-based fundraisers - known as ‘Chuggers’ - in Mansfield town centre on Thursday lunchtime. At one point there appeared to be more ‘fundraisers’ armed with clipboards than shoppers on West Gate. Surely charities are doing themselves more harm than good?

Good to see the flag flying high

It’s nice to see the Nottinghamshire flag still flying on Sherwood Hall Road in Mansfield - although all the England flags and Union Jacks, so prevelant during the football European Championships and the Queen’s Jubilee have now gone. Let’s hope they all return for the Olympics and that we can all, once again, get behind the country.

An accident waiting to happen

Why do drivers, especially on St Peter’s Way on the ring road in Mansfield, deliberately get into the wrong lane then speed up to get in front and shoot from the outside lane into the inside lane to take the turn onto Sutton Road? One day there will be a catastrophic accident and someone will wonder why!

Smoke gets in your eyes

So the sunshine finally appeared on Sunday - a rare sight in Mansfield and Ashfield this summer. I dashed outside to catch a few rays, and more importantly tend my garden and peg the washing out. Sadly, within less than an hour I was driven indoors by a neighbour’s bonfire - smoke puthering over into my garden, enough to force me to re-do the washing and abandon plans to mow the lawn and pull up the flourishing weeds. Why are some people so selfish?