Eye Spy - 17th October

Water farce!

On 19th September, a water leak appeared at the top of Stella Street in Mansfield. The following day a blue square was drawn around it, presumably to highlight the fact that Severn Trent Water was aware of the problem. At the time of writing this, three weeks later, nothing has been done to rectify the problem. I wonder how many litres of water has been wasted?

Submitted by one eagle-eyed Chad reader.

Red light spells danger

A recent comment in ‘eyespy’ regarding a car running a red light made me smile. My weekly shopping trip takes me through nine sets of lights and regularly vehicles pass through on red, (three this week). These include taxis, driving instructors, buses and other drivers who should be setting better examples.Even when I find myself passing through lights as they are changing, it is not uncommon for as many as four vehicles to follow even though the lights must have been on red. Speed cameras have mixed followers; I think they would serve motorists better if they were resited at traffic lights.

Submitted by ‘Concerned motorist’ from Kirkby.

You name it, I’ll play it!

A musically-minded resident on Newgate Lane was stood with an old piano in his front garden earlier this week. I’m not certain if he was about to jump on and give passers by a beautiful ivory-tickling rendition of Candle in the Wind...or smash it up for firewood.

Too good to be tree

I was left scratching my head in disbelief on Sunday when I saw a tree walking along Crown Farm Way in Forest Town. Obviously this was not really the case, but it did seem odd to see a man carrying what looked to be a freshly-dug, full-sized shrub along the road. Where had he got it from?

Doggone it ...

Talk about pampered pooches . . . while driving through Berry Hill the other day I noticed a couple walking along with a buggy. I noticed a couple walking along with a buggy. I was expecting to see a toddler in it - but instead I saw a small dog being wheeled around.

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