Eye Spy - 14th March

Who says romance is dead? On the evening of Thursday 8th March I looked out of my kitchen window which overlooks The Manor Park and saw a young man carefully illuminating a sweet romantic message for his girlfriend - ‘Happy Birthday I love you’. Often we think of the young in negative ways, but this made me realise that we should not generalise. I hope his girlfriend had a lovely birthday, and appreciated his labour of love. - submitted by Mr J. Smith.

IT was a shame to see someone had dumped the remains of their fast-food snack next to the historic Parliament Oak, off Peafield Lane, recently.

SOME drivers appear to have no fear of being caught by police for using a mobile phone behind the wheel of their vehicle. I literally lost count of the number of motorists on local roads I spotted blatantly flouting this legislation last week.

WELL done to the two young scooter riding lads, criss-crossing pavements and roads in the Sherwood Hall area on two evenings last week, who tried on several occasions to overtake cars turning right into driveways. Of course, they were wearing dark clothing and had being on a scooters had no lights.

Why do so many people still send e-mails either without any capital letters, or all in capital letters?

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