Eye Spy - 12th December

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Smoke gets in your eyes

WHAT a pleasant experience it was on Saturday to do my Christmas shopping in the Four Seasons Centre, watching the children queue up to see Father Christmas as others hurried by laden with presents for the ‘big day’. Unfortunately the whole experience was soured by walking out of the centre and being met by a thick haze of cigarette smoke from shoppers who could not wait until they had moved away from the doors before lighting up.

Sky falls for Stags

THE Stags are eagerly awaiting tonight’s FA Cup replay with Lincoln and a possible jackpot clash with Liverpool in the next round. Both matches will be screened by sports channel ESPN, who unlike their rivals Sky Sports on Saturday will know that Mansfield Town now officially play at The One Call Stadium. ESPN 1-0 Sky Sports.

Crossed lines

Lo and behold the BT green cabinet next to the Ling Forest (previously mentioned in this column) has its door hanging open again. Will it be a waste of time reporting this again?

Erratic winter driving

WE’VE all suffered being later-than-usual for work this week after some intense ice scraping needed on car windows, but one driver in Mansfield decided he was too late and opted to take a shortcut- on the pavement.

Rather than waiting for a gap in the traffic heading along Stockwell Gate, he decided just to use the pavement coming out of Spencer Street as a sliproad. It was a good job there were no pedestrians on the pavement at the time.

Cutting corners

ON a similar note, I had a lucky escape at the filling station on the corner of Windsor Road and Southwell Road in Mansfield on Saturday afternoon.Instead of waiting at the junction for the lights to change, one impatient motorist decided to cut through the garage forecourt, narrowly missing myself, and onto Windsor Road . . . and all for 30 seconds. Was it really worth it?

Lorry problems

Well done to the driver of a massive articulated lorry on Pelham Street, trying to reverse into a yard during rushour. Not content with bungling his first attempt, he then parked on the junction with Newgate Lane blocking mounting rush-hour traffic coming from four directions.

Funny fingers

Jokey rubber fingers pretruding from the boots of a car was a common sight in the 1990s, so when I pulled up behind a Ford Escort the other day to spy the dangling digits, it made me chuckle. Then again, they may have been real. I took the number plate down just in case...

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