Eye Spy - 11th July

Play nicely kids

Now I’m all for kids and teenagers playing outdoors. Anything but that zombie like state some of them have when sitting in front of the latest video games. But kids, there’s a time and a place for playing catch with a rugby ball. It’s not in a group outside the library and the entrance to the Four Seasons Shopping Centre in Mansfield when shoppers of all ages feel like they’ve been dragged into a game of ‘piggy in the middle.’

Don’t busk if you can’t sing

On a visit into Mansfield town centre last week I had the misfortune to be within hearing distance of a young woman busking outside Beales. This woman reminded me of something from one of the heats of X-Factor in that her singing was atrociously out of tune. If only I, or any of the other unfortunate shoppers in the vicinity had had the guts of Simon Cowell to go and tell her it was awful. In contrast further along the street there was a man busking singing Oasis songs, and he was great.

We don’t make the most of it

Last Thursday there was a continental food market in Mansfield town centre. There was an array of stalls pitched up in the market place, together with some of the regulars. Now admittedly it was late in the afternoon when I happened to pass by, but I was in despair at the lack of custom these stalls had. We moan when there isn’t anything new to attract us into town to shop, and when we get it, it doesn’t get supported. And it wasn’t even raining!

What a washout

Could this summer get any more depressing? Not only have we had grey skies and consistent rain for what seems like weeks, all the fun things to do keep getting cancelled. I feel sorry for the organisers of all these events who put so much time and effort into making the festivals, summer fairs, carnivals a success, only to see all their work go down the drain. Literally.

Practice what you preach

The Dulux Decorator Centre on the corner of Bridge Street and Ratcliffe Gate was practising what it preached recently when I noticed the exterior of the building was undergoing a lick of paint. I wonder if they were using their own products.

‘Silver surfers’ move on to apps

I noticed two elderly women sat on a bench in then Four Seasons Shopping Centre having a conversation. It wasn’t about their grandkids, the bingo or the lack of respect of people these days. They were both sitting with their mobile phones in hand talking about the various apps they have. Brilliant.

More tills open please

It may have cost a fortune and look impressive, yet Sainsbury’s Mansfield can’t boast having the most tills open at the busiest time of day on a Saturday. By the time you have taken your trolley past the self-serve tills and basket only tills your ice-cream has melted and your hot chicken is merely lukewarm..