Eye Spy - 10th October

Mobility menace

What is the law regarding Mobility scooters? I was behind one in the middle of the road near the Aldi supermarket at Shirebrook. We were heading towards a zebra crossing and, with pedestrians about to step onto the crossing, he drove straight on. Surely if they use the main roads mobility users should use the same road etiquette as other drivers?

Foxy driving

The British weather is so diverse, that driving along Derby Road in the very early morning I was going out of mist and fog into bright sunshine. But what caught my eye was the sight of a fox strolling across my path.

Not just taxi drivers

Further to the item last week about taxi drivers using a mobile phone while driving in ForestTown. This week I saw another motorist at it, this time driving a British Gas van. Where are the police when you want them?

Sign of the times

I enjoyed an excellent meal at the popular Carnarvon at Teversal on Sunday. Good food, good service and all reasonably priced. Somethings never change, but what has is the way you can rate your dining experience. Now you are invited to add your comments and complete a short questionnaire on a Tablet - as well as view videos on the owner’s other outlets. Forward thinking!

Drink and look silly

When you hear of our towns and cities being blighted by drunks on weekend nights, rightly or wrongly you often associate such behvaviour with the ‘youth of today’. But this was not the case on Saturday, as potty-mouthed, intoxicated men and women in the 50s and 60s staggered past me on Saturday night in Mansfield town centre. What an example to set . . .

Beware little old ladies!

Arriving at the new Aldi store in Mansfield I encountered ‘a little old lady’ struggling to return her trolley to it’s parking spot. ‘I’ll take that’ I said, giving her a pound coin.. After completing my shop, I returned my trolley and on inserting the release chain, I retrieved my Euro. Yes, it was a Euro coin! My inner feelings of being a helpful servant to our older generation was swept away in a moment with the feeling that I had been conned. Perhaps it was a mistake, but in future I will beware of ‘little old ladies’.

- submitted by John Cawthorne.

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