Education needs to be a top priority for new PM

Ben Bradley MP
Ben Bradley MP

With leadership elections heading out of Parliament and out in to the country in recent weeks, I’ve taken the opportunity to really focus on my education brief both through the select committee in Parliament– where we scrutinise policy and make recommendations to Government – and locally too, writes Ben Bradley MP.

There are some really positive things happening locally, and much more to do.

West Nottinghamshire College has had to make huge changes in recent months but is now turning the corner and

I’ve been impressed with plans to re-prioritise and get back to working on delivering the best possible local provision for people in Mansfield.

At the same time near enough all of the area’s secondary schools are moving steadily in the right direction, though there are many challenges.

I’ve been working with a team of local stakeholders, from Nottingham Trent University, the NHS Trust, West Nottinghamshire College and local businesses, looking at local education provision and thinking about ways we can all make a positive contribution – a plan to deliver genuine action and change rather than just talking about it.

It’s great to be able to see these discussions progress and to now be able to work with the county council on some ideas, which I also need to raise in London with the Department for Education to get support.

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One great positive thing that has come out of the leadership elections nationally is that practically every candidate has made education a big priority and committed to more funding for schools, colleges and special educational needs.

That’s great news and means that there’s a great opportunity to change things and boost the support for local teachers and students in the coming months.

It’s a huge priority of mine and I’m looking forward to a new approach, with education at the heart of Government’s strategy.